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I'm not sure "economy of scale" is the appropriate expression but I understand what you are trying to say. But if you give the statistic differently, it makes a little better sense. Take for example, my hometown that I mentioned earlier.

It has a population of about 8,500. There was one murder in 2010. That means, in a way, that you have one chance in 8,500 of being murdered. The county where I live now has a population of about 1,100,000. There were 22 murders in 2008, the latest year available, apparently. That gives you a one in 50,000 chance of being a murder victim. So, although there are 22 times as many murders here, you have a better chance of being murdered in my hometown, where I would move at the drop of a hat. So in other words, the crime rate per 100,000 makes no sense if there aren't that many people there to begin with.
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