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Question for serf 'rett

I'm brand new to reloading and I have a question on one of your previous comments:

"Those first rounds I loaded were to long for one of my pistols, a Springfield XDm, resulting in the round head spacing off the lands instead of the cartridge case mouth. I had to do a little tinkering to get my cartridge overall length right for that pistol. I used a few fired cases, tensioned as needed to grip a bullet, to determine the approximate distance to the lands in that pistol"

I'm not sure what you mean about the round head spacing off the lands???
Do you insert a cartridge into the barrel's breech?? And then what??

I know this is a silly question but I've heard about this headspace issue before and I'm just a little confuse. I do use a Wilson Gage which seems to work very well. Oh, I'm loading .40 for an XDM.

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