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Originally Posted by wachtelhund1
Tried some combinations of 63, 70 and 77 grain charges of Blachorn 209 powder.
You are using weighed charges without specifying that fact. It should be understood that when discussing muzzle loading powder charges they're always assumed to be by volume unless specified otherwise. Or else it causes confusion with those participating in the discussion.
I wouldn't have known that if I didn't read your post on where you mentioned that the charges were by weight.

I'd like to think that the first shot out of a cold clean barrel is always the one that counts the most. When hunting, you're shooting a deer with the first shot and not shooting a group.

Here's a Mustang owner that swears by 300 grain Shock Wave bullets. IIRC he had a tough time developing a load for his Mustang using black powder until he tried the Shock Waves.

Read these:

And Semisane is another Mustang owner:

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