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Actually MN's laws aren't all that tough (not sure how that got out there???). We don't exactly have Castle Doctrine though despite what our Gov says (he was wrong when he vetoed the last bill saying we already have it). MN does not say you can shoot someone because they broke into your house. You can shoot them if you feel they are going to harm you or your family but not if they are stealing your TV. However, once they have broken into your house, it's a pretty easy case to make that you now feel threatened and are justified in using deadly force to protect yourself (they already breached your first defense by entering your home). This guy was pretty much in the green when he shot them coming down the stairs. He crossed the line when he executed them after they were down. He should have been calling the cops. Of course that's where it now can get messy with civil lawsuits unfortunately (which is what the bill that Dayton vetoed would have helped).

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