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Originally Posted by wlkalong
I guess that is kind of my point. For all practical purposes, .357 sig is really not any better then 125 gr. 40S&W. Yes, you can get super hot loads, but who would want to shoot them and how much will they impact your follow up shots?

Initially, I was really enamored with the .357 sig, but now I am glad I shoot 40. For myself, I cannot see any reason for .357 sig, when I have low weight .40 to shoot. I am sure more 125 gr loads for 40S&W will appear if they demonstrate their superiority to heavy bullets.

I see very little need for .357 sig, but that is just my opinion. Barnes makes a 40 S&W 125 grain that does 1390 fps out of 4 inch barrel. If I want to shoot a small high velocity bullet, I would just shoot that.
I don't find a single listing of any Barnes 40SW ammo that's 125gr. Their bullet is the DPX (Deep Penetrating X-Bullet) and is used in Corbon ammo.

Checking Ballistics by the Inch, they show 135gr DPX ammo and it's not remotely close to 1,390fps from real guns. In fact, it BARELY hits 1,200 in any gun they tested. It takes a 5" barreled Encore barrel to get it to 1,400.

DPX bullets aren't really built for speed. Their solid construction increases start-pressure and usually requires lower loads to maintain safe pressure. Lower loads = lower velocity. Corbons own JHP ammo beats the Barnes bullets handily, though it still doesn't touch 1,400fps in a 4" barrel.

I'm not sure what your point is about "super hot loads" and follow-up shots but I (and many others) find 357sig recoil to be LESS than standard 40SW recoil and MUCH less than 40SW +P.

Nobody has to like the 357sig, it really doesn't matter, but at least don't like it because of facts, not plain bias.

The 357sig round approximately matches the legendary man-stopper 125gr 357Mag loads but it does it in a gun that is typically shorter, always lighter, has higher capacity and is thinner than virtually any 357mag revolver.

Most 357sig handguns weigh less loaded with 10-15 rounds than does a typical EMPTY revolver. Add another magazine and you're still often lighter (or very close to) an EMPTY revolver, but you're at 20-30 rounds with a thinner, usually shorter gun and longer barrel.
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