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the fact that guns are inherently weapons
No they are not. A gun is no more inherently a weapon than any other inanimate object. More guns are sold to and used by civilians for sporting reasons everyday than have ever been used by civialians for offensive or defensive reasons. That's not just in the last year, or the last decade, or the last century. It's since the inception of the gun itself. Do you think the cowboy's carried guns for SD or the Colonist had rifles and muskets for HD? No, they were tools and sometimes toys that on occasion HAD TO be used as a weapon. The military has used the term weapon for centuries but you'd never had seen any civilian in the past say grab your weapon, or I went hunting with my weapon, or I shot some targets with my weapon and so on. Civilians using the term wholesale is a fairly modern thing with many using it for dubious reasons.
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