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I don't use Titegroup, so can't help you there, but I do use the Berry’s 124 HBFP. I’ve been using these bullets for a couple of years; in fact, I’ve loaded around 3250 of them. I also use and like the Berry’s 124 HBRNTP bullets. The Flat Point version makes a cleaner hole in the IDPA targets, so it is a little easier for my poor old eyes to register hits (and misses). I like both of these hollow back bullets because the weight is forward, the bullet is longer, resulting in increased surface area of bullet to bore contact and better bullet to bore seal; all of which can produce better groups.

After I figured out an initial problem with the HBFP, it has been smooth sailing. The first cartridges I loaded with these bullets had an overall length of 1.120 inches. What I failed to notice was the 124 HBFP bullet shape is different, in that it has a “wide” tip. Those first rounds I loaded were to long for one of my pistols, a Springfield XDm, resulting in the round head spacing off the lands instead of the cartridge case mouth. I had to do a little tinkering to get my cartridge overall length right for that pistol. I used a few fired cases, tensioned as needed to grip a bullet, to determine the approximate distance to the lands in that pistol. Using a 0.015 inch set back off the lands, my final COAL came to around 1.070 inches.

You may have already checked your COAL in your pistol. If you haven’t, you need to do this to confirm the rounds are headspacing off the case mouth not the bullet nose.
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