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You did good, many questions can be laid over a template and have the appearance nothing changed, accepting our prejudices as in foreigners wrote an article, published their opinion/results/findings 'THEN! went back to work working on something else 'meaning' "They quit talking about it", we didn't. After all, who are these people, foreigners? What do they know? I read the article, I do not use reduced loads, I am the fan of the running start, I want my bullets to have a jump start. There is nothing about "I seat my bullets off the lands .002" that impresses me.

I am also the fan of 'time is a factor'. I am also the fan of burning powder in a column, gas will burn in a can from the top down, spread the same gas out over a larger area whole igniting it can result in finding yourself on top of a building or blowing yourself across a 4 lane street, two separate events, one P&B friend was standing on top of a 55 gal drum with an open bung while grinding the top of an vehicle. The sailor cats were cleaning their shop floor with gasoline, hurt? The part that hurt the most was the doors were open, in their way of thinking had the doors been closed there would have been something their to slow them down.

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