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Like you Wild Bill I carried a shotgun for many years, I carried an AR for just as many though.

I tend to be in Mas's camp here. The shotgun for me is a gun for repelling boarders at no further than 15 yards. A carbine is much more of a multi purpose long gun.

I actually like lever action pistol caliber carbines and have Marlins in 357 and 44. Compared to my 870 they are smaller, lighter, carry more ammo and ammo is less bulky. Granted they do not have the raw power of the 12 gauge, but I feel that is a very minor issue.

A good point to add to the video is putting a sling on any long gun. It will be much harder for a badguy to take it from you.
I am not about to wrestle over a long gun, drop it and use your pistol to engage the BG.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.
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