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For some "guns" are weapons, for most they are not. My guns are rarely weapons.

Websters: something (as a club, knife, or gun) used to injure, defeat, or destroy.

I'll add that this is generally against a person or persons. So my gun sitting on the table needing cleaned after a plinkin session is not a weapon, nor is the pen on my desk or my daughters softball bat on the porch. Only when I train, use or carry for SD a gun for the above definition does it become a weapon. I call a hammer a hammer, a bat a bat, a knife a knife, a bow a bow, a gun a gun. If I train or use any of those items for SD then yes they become weapons. Outside of that I'm not callin a steak knife or a softball bat a weapon and pity any fool who does. Same goes for guns.

Now being said, I own guns for a multitude of reasons with defense being down the list a good ways. A different person may only own guns for defensive and/or offensive reasons (sad sack that he would be) and thus their guns may be considered weapons all the time. But if said person uses their gun(s) for any other reason they can not call them a weapon all the time and they'd be a moron to generically use that term for their guns. Personally if I start to only consider my guns to be weapons and start using the term on a regular basis I'll check myself into the funny farm.

So when is it all right for you to call a gun a weapon? Let's say you decide to take a course on shotguns and HD. You grab your trusty bird or deer gun and head off. I have no problem with you then callin your shotgun a weapon on the way to the coarse, at the coarse, on the way home. But the minute you get home and put it away it's then nothing more than a gun. And I'd severely wonder about the guy that gets up the next morning to go hunting referring to his gun as a weapon.

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