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I guess that is kind of my point. For all practical purposes, .357 sig is really not any better then 125 gr. 40S&W. Yes, you can get super hot loads, but who would want to shoot them and how much will they impact your follow up shots?

Initially, I was really enamored with the .357 sig, but now I am glad I shoot 40. For myself, I cannot see any reason for .357 sig, when I have low weight .40 to shoot. I am sure more 125 gr loads for 40S&W will appear if they demonstrate their superiority to heavy bullets.

I see very little need for .357 sig, but that is just my opinion. Barnes makes a 40 S&W 125 grain that does 1390 fps out of 4 inch barrel. If I want to shoot a small high velocity bullet, I would just shoot that.
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