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I agree with you Bart. Anyone who can shoot 1/4 min. should be able to sight-in his/her own rifle to meet their own standards.

When I sight-in rifles for customers, I ask them if they have any preferences for zero or maximum zero range. If not, I'll use my computer ballistics program to find the best compromise zero for the distances most people of their capability are likely to shoot a deer, etc. and the rifle/cartridge/bullet weight they'll be using, etc. (They will usually provide the ammo, but if not, we'll agree on the ammo to be used.)

I also try to simulate the conditions they will encounter in the field, often resting the rifle on my off-hand on the front rest, to simulate an offhand shot. Sometimes it makes quite a difference in POI, especially if the barrel isn't free-floated. If, after being warned, someone rests their barrel instead of the forend, that's their problem.
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