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Unclenick, again, forgive me for my part in all of this.


"Bart B., I was told typing slow was rude, or I should say telling someone no matter how slow I type when I hit the post button all of it comes out at the same speed.

Shouting is also rude, telling someone “What you do not understand is etc.., etc..” is rude.

I do not know how to tell you all of that information you posted is not necessary, in the book written by R. Lee about modern reloading is all the information that is necessary/nice to know"

And, I posted the page number. No one on this forum ask me what do I see on page #703 they do not see. In the real world I walked into my favorite gun parts store, while I was there a proud owner of one very fine rifle with a very exotic chamber came in and ask for someone to check the head space? My friend, owner of the gun parts store said "I can not check the head space on your rifle because I do not have a head space gage for your chamber" The owner of the very fine rifle thanked him and left, I did not get involved.

After the owner of the very fine rifle left I informed the owner of the gun parts store, "I can check the length of the chamber on any rifle without a head space gage in thousandths", and he ask "How?". The only participants on a reloading forum that are capable of asking "HOW?" are the ones that are asking for help. Anything 50 BMG is expensive, it was suggested he contact a company that made gages for the 50 BMG, again, that is not necessary, knowing the nature of a reloading forum I know no one will ask "WHY?".

Snuffy I do not know why that is my problem, long ago I had to decide 'I DO NOT PROVOKE', that does not mean I do not provoke people to think and help themselves. Sometimes in my effort, others are provoked, that is not my problem, I quoted from the book, the book for the 50 BMG, Bart B. was quoting Sammy, again, not my intent to provoke, I understand Bart B.s claim to fame is what comes after "Head space is etc..", there is 'What it is' and there is 'How to check it', For those that do know how to check it is the standard answer 'purchase a head space gage' then I say after purchasing a head space gage the reloader will remain in the dark about the length of the chamber from the usual places because..... and no ones ask 'WHY?' I will say I can modify a A GO-GAGE to a go to infinity gage and no one ask 'HOW?' back to not being my problem, I am not so vain that I can not ask 'HOW?' Opinionated? I can measure the length of a chamber 3 different ways, If I was opinionated I would be able to check the length of the chamber one way, as in purchase another tool like a head space gage.

And I say the length of the chamber (like the M1917) can be checked with a 280 Remington case, and no one ask "How?"

F. Guffey

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