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Gun shows are fun. They are entertaining. And, sometimes I find a nice gun to buy. Junk being sold at gunshows goes back to the late '80's when I first started going to them. Back then chinese SKS's and AK's were cheap junk. I remember when dealers were getting large shipments of Chinese M1A's in and they were considered "cheap junk". And wooden rubberband guns were all the rage.

Today's cheap junk will be tomorrow's treasures.......and cheap junk. Heck, I remember dealers couldn't give away HK SL8's.

My most recent gunshow acquisition is a pristine condition Colt Mustang - 44th one ever produced with genuine ivory grips. (no, I didn't steal it - had to pay a fair price).

I can have a good time even at small gun shows. I'll go to gunshows about 4 times a year - been doing this since the late '80's and I still think they're fun.
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