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That ain't your mama's "target wadcutter" - That load is a beast.

"Item 20D utilizes a very hard cast 150gr. WAD CUTTER bullet. The bullet is made hard, so it won't deform or mushroom. It penetrates deeply (roughly 14 to 16 inches ) and its full diameter profile maximizes blood loss as it cuts and crushes (not slips or slides) its way through tissue. These bullets are hard and properly lubed and will NOT lead your barrel."

I've seen tests where it shoots through two feet of ballistic gelatin.

Here is Brass Fetcher video of "soft" Federal 148 grain "target wadcutter" for a J frame 642 wwith 2" barrel blowing through 12" of 20% ballistic gelatin.

The Buffalo Bore is hard cast and will punch through any human target.

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