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I talked to a S&W customer service guy yesterday and he told me that S&W doesn't recommend removing the side plate on their revolvers, to which I responded, "how the **** do you clean them?" After further conversation he allowed that I wasn't a complete idiot and they weren't really worried about folks like me breaking down one of their shooters for cleaning. He went on to mention that the reason they didn't recommend removing the side plate was all the calls they get from customers complaing about a cracked frame and weren't comfy with people who didn't know what a side plate was removing one. Back in the late sixties and early seventies it wasn't unusual for a gun mag running articles on how to work on different guns including Colt D/As. They never told you how to disassemble one, they must have thought if you owned one you already knew. BTW S&W customer service is the best.
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