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The short answer is sometimes.

Personally, I prefer a larger gun in a more powerful cartridge. My ccw is a full size with a 15 round magazine full of 357 Sig. I feel more comfortable, not only with the cartridges performance and the gun's capacity but also in my ability to rapidly and accurately place shots on target.

The strength of the 380 is the small size of the guns it is chambered in which make it easy to always have them with you and any gun is much better than an empty hand. That small size is also it's biggest weakness. Not only do you give up ammo capacity but smaller guns are generally harder to shoot effectively.

My 2ยข...

A 380 is MUCH better than nothing but I would much rather have a larger and more powerful gun when I can and that is pretty much all the time. I carry a full size M&P in jeans and a t-shirt. Something like a CW9 would be very easy to conceal, imo.
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