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I carry a handgun as soon as I get up in the morning until I go to sleep at night....I never answer the door or the phone.

Not only could it be dangerous,,,I just don't want to be the door if I look out a side window and it is someone I know or the police or fire dept to tell me my house is burning down...or UPS or Fed Ex or the mailman delivering firearms or riflescopes or other goodies,,,I will answer the door with my concealed gun on me,,,anyone else forget it, just not important,,,,and if it is important there are other methods of contacting me, police, phone, mail etc.

I never answer the phone either, we have caller ID or a caller can leave a message,,,when the phone rings and I am standing right by it, if I don't recognize the phone number I do not answer it,,,,if they leave a message and I am interested I answer it or return the call, otherwise I do not answer the phone.

Don't answer the door or the phone,,,it is never anything important anyway.

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