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Originally Posted by reloader28
If it goes 100yds, it was a bad shot. Period. It should go no more than a few yards, tops. If it does, you are NOT doing your job and owe it to the animal to figure out why.
I agree with most of your statement but I have to strongly disagree with this part.

I've killed, seen killed and field-dressed a lot of deer. Many dozens. I have seen them killed with everything from archery equipment, to 243Win (and AI), 7mm-08, 30-06, black powder and smokeless muzzle-loaders, 20 and 12ga rifled and sabot slugs and more.

I once shot a doe with a 12ga rifled slug from a distance of about 15 feet. I was sitting on the ground. The slug hit both lungs and severed the aorta. The blood trail was 10 feet wide, at least, and several feet up the sides of trees as she ran. She went at least 150 yards.

I have seen their hearts be in pieces and they went 150 yards. I've seen their hearts not be touched and they drop on the shot.

I would say the average distance, on "perfect" shots, double-lung and/or heart shots is at least 50-75 yards. Rarely do they reach 150, but I've seen it more than once. Going "a few yards" is the exception, in my experience, rather than the rule.
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