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I have in my possession several of the original 03 30/06 barrels.. This is part of my whole issue...I dont shoot nor want a 30/06.. I currently have a 280 remmy strapped to a mauser 98..Shilen 26 tube W/Timney trigger..very fine shooter..Really dont want anything bigger than the 280, no need for it since it will kill anything that walks crawls or fly's. Putting a 7x57 or any other barrel to the 03 action wouldnt have any adverse affects on the action its self( could be merely changed over to the /06 at any time if needed). Most of my builds will actually be used to hunt with, not hide in a closet to impress my buds..Not sure why, but for some odd reason i have allways favored those
lovely 6.5 and 7mm bullets..I suppose its more of a challenge than a need on this project, as most builds are...I am deffinately over the "welding" of the like you guys, it just has to many what-ifs that come with it.
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