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I actually installed a NY-1 trigger in my G19. The first 100 rounds I put through it, I didn't like it at all, and was about to change it back. But I thought I'd give it another go. The next range trip, (after some dry fire practice at home, of course) I found that I actually liked the trigger better. It's more consistent from the back of the pull to where the trigger breaks (there's still a bit of stacking, but not nearly as bad as the factory trigger) and for me at least, it's easier to reset the trigger without short stroking. My accuracy, even at speed, hasn't suffered. I haven't actually weighed the pull, but most accounts (with the factory connector) put it at around 8lbs, and I think Glock says it brings it to 10lbs.

For a $2 part, it was worth the experiment, and at this point, I personally see no reason to change back. Anyway, everyone seems to want a lighter pull, but most see no reason to go heavier. I thought I'd give a different point of view on this.
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