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The People for the Ethical Triggering of Ammunition are probably outraged by the senseless slaughter of good ammunition, but the video seems to have made good points.

However, if I were a firefighter, I would want to see what a GI ammo can filled with handloads would do in a fire. Those are quite common in households with shooters, and are even supplied (and shipped) filled with some commercial ammo from places like "Cheaper Than Dirt."

Although SAAMI is not responsible for that practice, it could seriously affect their business. By leaving it unaddressed, I fear they are leaving the field open for some anti-gun organizations or governments to conduct their own "tests" in what might be a biased manner. Remember the "news" network that was caught rigging explosions for rear-end accidents with a car model that they were maligning, because "the real fires were not spectacular enough" for prime-time news broadcasts?

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