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Madcratebuilder asked were in the hell do you guys shoot were the wind blows at the same speed and direction all the way to the target. There's four rifle ranges I've shot at where the winds under 5 mph are very consistant in speed and direction and the terrain's very flat:

Camp Perry, Ohio, Viale Range on the 1000 yard line when the wind's from the northeast coming in from Lake Erie.

Puuloa Rifle Range at Ewa Beach west of Honolulu, HI, at what's now a Naval Magazine area when the wind's from the southwest.

Colorado Rifle Club range about 10 miles north of Byers, CO when the wind's from the east.

Sho-Bon Rifle Range east of Shoshoni, WY, that's no longer there. Any wind from the south was very consistant across its 1000 yard range.

There's lots of antelope hunting areas in the flatlands of northeast Colorado as well as south east Wyoming where this happens.
There are exceptions to everything, but most ranges are build facing hill sides or have breams for safety. The majority on my long range shooting done hillside to hillside on blm land. Occasionally I well cross the mountains to the flat scrub lands. You well seldom have the same conditions from the firing line to the target.
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