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Not necessarily; don't forget about the Megastar!
Yes, there are supposedly Megastar 10mm's out there. I have a Megastar 45; have been looking for a 10mm for years now. I have come across 2 in the last 7-9 years or so and they usually go for over $800, and are in so-so condition. I finally gave up; paid $700 for an almost new in box Witness Stock 10mm, and haven't looked back since.

The Megastar is a big heavy beast. It's almost (not quite) the size of my Desert Eagle .44 Magnum. No doubt, it is a stout durable gun. But, it is not a refined gun - rough casting marks, trigger is poor even for a DA/SA.

Unless you are a Glock guy, there are really only 3 practical 10mm platforms: Witness line; S&W 3rd gen 10m's and 1911 format.
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