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looked at 3 more Marlins

There was a stainless marlin 30 30 for $470. and two new $60 and $650 for the "big Loop' one. I brought my glasses and light and looked at them hoping I would love the stainless with compostit stock. The staniless had a great stock but was uneven where it met the receiver. The large screw holding it to the stock was 1/8 inch above level while on the other two they were flush or below level with the metal. The front hood on 2 were very loose. One had lots of machine circles or lines where barrel was attached into receiver. One had the sight screws flush with inside of chamber. the other two the seemed to barely make it in. The finish on the actual metal of the stainless was nice and smooth outside and very rough in chamber. Actions were from rough to quite good. There seemed to be no two close to each other. I was amazed that the screws for the scope on top of the receiver go all the way into the inside of the chamber. Whey wouldn't the make a thicker back strap so you don't have to have that? I thought it was a mistake until I saw it on all 3. Do other guns tapped for scopes have the scope mounting holes on top going through to the inside of the chamber? I was hoping to like the stainless but just couldn't pull the trigger due to the above as well as some signs that the gun was tinkered with. (scratch marks on and around screws, pins having nicks on them, etc.) maybe I'm too picky but when I held a browning x bolt the other day, everything looked perfect. I really want to hold a BLR in my hands but they are scarce. I like my 1936 better than any I've seen so far so will continue to look for an older Marlin used. Meanwhile season is getting long in tooth.. Still having fun looking, learning and yearning. Thanks for advice guys and maybe gals too if your there.
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