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Have you given any thought to how many GGs already have or prepare themselves for the time they will be asked to waltz into harms-way armed only with a 9mm, a 40 s&w or 45 acp? And your buddy sits back and tells you,
"They all suck, so pick the one you shoot best."
As former military and a cop whose job has required them to unintentionally waltz into harms way carrying only the mentioned calibers, I can ASSURE you that the quote is 100% true.

All pistols suck in relation to the 870 behind the seat or the M16 in the trunk (or the Ak47 that the bad guy is hosing you down with).

Any time we KNEW we were going into harm's way, nobody had a pistol in their hand just because they all SUCK in relation to a long gun.

However, when you're on the street, whether in uniform or civilian CCW mode, political correctness does not allow you to carry your long gun at all times. Therefore you must compromise your equipment down to a pistol level, which unfortunately SUCKS if you need to stop someone no matter what caliber it is.
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