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I wanted to see others results regarding hunting VLDs not argue over what happened and why it happened or shouldn't have happened.
Not being argumentative. As you too have stated, lung shot deer do not go 200 yards. Maybe one in a lifetime due to some strange set of scenarios, but two in two days? I am not being critical of your tracking skills or your shooting ability. Just sayin' if you are hitting where you say you are, and are not getting terminal performance, then odds are your bullet may be the problem, at least in your gun with your loads at the ranges you are shooting. As hunters we are always trying to find the best gear we can to make our hunt enjoyable and to take our game as quickly and humanely as possible. When something works well, there's no need to change. When something proves on multiple occasions it does not work, we need to move on. Even if it works well for others.
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