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I like watching the dueling pistol sets that come thru 'pawn stars'. I don't mean to mention the show; I just enjoy the fact that at one point in time, a husband+father might've had two loaded dueling pistols in his box under the bed or on his wall(one shot each only when loaded correctly) as his family's HomeDefense firearms.

One would make sure they were loaded correctly to avoid misfires which would be more difficult to avoid back then(moisture, length of being loaded without firing, hard to prevent humidity, and so-on).

I learned about these pistols at a very young age(let's skip the tv shows....reference one of the best books ever written circa 1880's Treasure Island when Israel Hands meets his demise - trivia: this fictional character was the actual name of Blackbeard's #1 man in real life who of course was also killed by Blackbeard...)

*edit: fixing historical error: shot, not killed as stated at end of post
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