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Would like some advice.....

I want to have the sights replaced on my P226 Navy. I really like the Sig Lite adjustable combat sights. I don't ever carry this gun (have my G19 for that) so a sight that might protrude a little does not bother me.
At this moment I think I want to send the gun to Sig to have this done, because I trust what they do. I'm not so sure I trust the local gun shop to do it. Am I being too cautious maybe? It's possible the local shop would do a fine job, but I'm VERY particular with this gun, it's my favorite of all time and I just want to make sure the job is done cleanly and correctly.
And I'd also be willing to listen to suggestions for something other than the combat sights. I like something I can SEE....the little white dots have never been my favorite.
Any and all input appreciated here....
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