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Between the time I quoted your source and read your response, a women, not two miles away from me, used one of those mentioned calibers to save her life and the lives of her co-workers from two armed robbery creeps.

Have you given any thought to how many GGs already have or prepare themselves for the time they will be asked to waltz into harms-way armed only with a 9mm, a 40 s&w or 45 acp? And your buddy sits back and tells you,
"They all suck, so pick the one you shoot best."

Now isn't that productive and worth repeating.
I still don't understand where your anger is coming from. His point is that there is A) not a lot of difference between the three calibers, and B) none of them can be relied upon to immediately stop a threat so you need to put as multiple rounds on target as quickly as possible.

That's it.

Nobody is insulting people who use those calibers in self defense. He alternates between carrying a 9mm and a .45 just as I do. But the important thing is to realise the limitations of those calibers and make sure your shooting makes up for those limitations as much as possible.

It's unfortunate that you saw other people quoting me and didn't realise that MY quote was put in full context as to the calibers involved, but I really don't think your misunderstanding warrants the vitriol you've directed my way.
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