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Again, those of us who only want to carry revolvers for SD don't necessarily worship at the alter of 9mm, although I understand that the 9mm is a fine, proven cartridge.
Chris... there are 9mm revolvers. Taurus, Ruger, Smith & Wesson and Charter Arms all have made in the past, or still have, production revolvers in 9mm. I have the Taurus 905, and its excellent. It uses moon clips, which I think are a non issue. You dont actually even need to use the moon clips, they only aid in extraction. The gun will fire just fine without them, but the cases can be sticky to eject, as the cartridge has no rim to push upon. If you really want a revolver in a different chambering, consider a 9mm. The ammo is the cheapest centerfire ammo there is, available anywhere ammo is sold, and performance is between .38 Special, and 357 Magnum. Whats the downside? Since you are considering a revolver that uses moon clips anyway, check into the 905. You will be very happy. Forget about that 380. Oh... and as far as that Charter Arms 9mm... I dont even know if they are in production yet. No one has them in stock, and the reviews have said the extractor setup is fragile, and makes loading the cylinder difficult. The Taurus IS available, uses a simple, proven system(moon clip) and is a quality revolver. The 905 is built on the Taurus standard small revolver frame, so all the accessories for those revolvers, will work with the 905. That includes Crimson Trace LaserGrips, Wolff spring kits, aftermarket grips & holsters. The M380 uses a smaller, different frame from all the other Taurus revolvers. I would be careful about that M380, unless you are simply in it for the novelty.

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