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Sorry for the thread hijack, guys, but I've received a few queries about the dog.

Good news up front: She's home.

Longer version: Called the wife, routine "Hey Baby!" call the other day - I am in Afghanistan. She was very upset; turned out our two big dogs had been out with her while she was repairing horse fence in the pasture, and had run off. Only one came back.

When I called her, the dog had been gone overnight, and the weather had been cold. This was very unusual. Since the dog's collar has our phone numbers on it, we assumed either she'd been stolen, or else injured or killed.

The wife checked with all the neighbors; contacted the shelter; contacted the microchip company; contacted the vet. Nothing.

And, of course, I'm overseas, and unable to help her. Not my favorite situation.

Dog ended up missing for three nights, with temperatures down to 13F. By this point, we were thinking, "shot by hunter or farmer; killed by coyotes..."

Midday yesterday, my wife got a call. Turns out one of our neighbors had a trap line he had not checked in a few days. Our dog was stuck in a bobcat trap for three nights. We are still amazed nothing came along and ate her.

In any case, she's home, after a trip to the vet. My wife isn't crying, which is good. (Even pregnant, she's a farmgirl and an RN, and things don't normally get to her so that anybody who doesn't know her well could notice.)

So, we have our prodigal number three dog back; my wife is happy; and, to top it off, she just sent me some ultrasounds of our unborn son (4 month mark). He's doing extremely well based on all the blood and other tests, and is running ahead of the size curve to boot. My day is much better than the last several were.

End of hijack, and thanks for all the kind notes.

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