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Thanks for asking our advice.

Short answers:

Load plated bullets with Lead bullet data.

They are not THAT much better than cast lead bullets and I doubt you spent a lot more than you would have for lead did you? I would shoot them. You should be able to trade them off if you decide to but don't take a beating on any trade you may make.

I have not heard of swaged plated bullets, but assuming neither of us misunderstand, I will go with your bullets as I understand your description.

Plated bullets have plating that is much thinner than jackets. They are generally loaded to specifications for lead bullets. Maybe a little hotter.

NEVER roll a crimp into the sides of a plated bullet. If you cut through the plating (I am told) you can wind up with parts of the plating being left in the barrel. Barrel obstructions are bad for your health and for the health of your gun.

If the bullets fit your chamber throats and barrel bore, your bullets are fine to shoot out of your 45 Colt. Do you have a caliper or micrometer? You may want to slug your bore and throats.

In the meantime, take the cylinder out of your gun and see if the bullets will drop through the chamber throats. If it drops straight through without touching, your bullets may be (MIGHT BE) undersized for your gun. Many older and replica 45s are set up for .454" diameter slugs. Most 45 ACP and modern 45 caliber slugs intended for 45 ACP are .451" in diameter.

For more expert advice, do a search on phrases like "Chamber Throat", "Bore Slugging", "45 ACP in 45 Colt" and the like. Whatever may apply to your gun and slugs.

Good luck

Lost Sheep
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