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The LC9 is not very much larger or heavier than the LCP, IMO.
Try lugging an LC9 around in your pocket. They arent even close. The LC9 is compact, but is heavy. I enjoy shooting my LC9 but it sure isnt a pocket pistol like the LCP. With good SD ammo, the LCP will get the job done, but shot placement is critical. The LCP isnt an easy pistol to shoot accurately under stress. Its a close-in gun, 7 yards. Concealed Carry guns are a compromise. You trade weight, performance, and capacity, for comfort and concealability. Are you willing to do that? If my LC9 was as light as my LCP, I would never leave home without it. I can deal with the size, but not the weight. I only pocket carry, so its an LCP, or a J Frame .38 in the right pocket, and a Keltec P32 in the left. I wish there was an 8 shot 9mm that was the weight of the LCP. That would be a real treat. Yes, IMO, the LCP is good enough.
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