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I think they already crossed that line when they broke into his house, don't you? Why trap and barricade yourself in some bedroom if he could safely scare away or take out the threat if he had to from the stairs?

My Lord... at what point are we finally allowed to act to defend ourselves and our families in our own homes?
I think some people feel they have a better chance for survival from a bedroom because the chances of the room being successfully penetrated is extremely slim @ best. On the other hand you are more offensive if out in the hallways walking away or in the wrong place in my opinion if you are actually perched at the top of the stairs. If you become killed, your family has much less of a chance.

as for the bathroom or closet, I can understand your point. It is possible someone can talk to the cops from there or that the TFL posting that was talking about having his loved ones out of the way of bullet fire. My wife is holding a loaded weapon no matter the case in this scenario no matter what. I have to be honest...these invasions are quick and aggressive/volatile. It is nice to hear the alarm and have time to react, but you might head out of your room to the stairs and be TOAST. I have children...I can't let them stay alone in their room(s). I have to protect my babies.
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