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Thank you for the reply Sarge, and for opening my eye to the SWC/TC bullets in the 45 for 'woods' use... I see there are more options that compete with the 10mm in that bullet type. As my primary carry gun for SD, I have always looked at hollowpoints, although ironically (depending on the adventure) I don't always carry my 10mm in the woods so maybe I will test drive some SWC's for my 45.

Not to drift from the thread, I still favor my 10mm for 'woods' use in general. I like the Cor-Bon BCSP hunting load... and have my eye on trying the Double Tapp 200g FMJ,FP. (I still think the 10mm delivers more punch down range) Like its been expressed already, pick what you shoot best. Both of these calibers make me smile

I've thought about the 45 super conversion but need to learn more, my hesitation is my 45 is a commander size 1911 and I wouldn't do it if I could not run full super loads.... but then I would need another 45 for CC.... ?
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