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Chris, I have been following this before this thread(I realize the case is in its infancy). I have heard of people over-stepping the line, but this one pretty much takes the cake. If his personal story is true(remember, it is possible he was hammered and just being ignorant and/or belligerant: which falls into "that's his problem" category at least at the moment), I just don't see how this man could carry-out an execution like that over being upset with the victims(just a speculation). He is in his own category, but I'll wait for more information before making final opinions which will then be closer to a final judgement. It sort of reminds me of the pharmacy murder when the pharmacist reloaded and executed the victim during a robbery. Now that was on camera and a different situation then a home. It seems this guy might have some state law that will protect him at least in some fashion....
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