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Wife calls and says man at door wont leave.

I was on my way to the airport to pick my mom up and I get a call from my wife. She says there is a AT&T salesman at the front door and he wont leave and that he wants to talk to me. She says that she is inside and he is on the porch. She sounds panicky to me so naturally I began to think of the worst case scenario.

I immediately tell my wife to tell the guy to leave, close the door and go to the safe and get the .380 out and put it on her just in case. She does not and hands the phone to the guy on the porch so he can talk to me. I tell the guy that we are not interested and to hand the phone back to my wife and then leave my property. He then hangs up on me.

I called right back and my wife answered and he had left thankfully.

I was scared that this guy was not who he said he was and that he may hurt my pregnant wife. I was also disappointed that my wife did not just close the door and get the gun. I told her when I got home that I was scared for her and next time I ask her to get the gun she should GET IT.

Did I do the right thing by telling my wife to just close the door and get the gun? What would you have done?
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