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FN SLP MkI vs. Remington VersaMax Tactical

Hey all,

I'm pondering a semi-auto shotgun to use for 3-gun competition, which I'm looking to get into in the near future. I'm not rushing to get anything, since I want to get the best possible shotgun and don't mind waiting/saving money for one and using my 870 until the new purchase.

Having said that, what are everyone's opinions on an FN SLP MkI or a Remingtion VersaMax Tactical? I want a gun with as high a capacity as possible, a high-viz front sight, and a rail to potentially mount optics. Both the FN and the Remington meet those requirements, and I really like the fact that both are capable of shooting any kind of ammo without changing any settings on the gas system.

Ultimately my decision should come down to fit/feel of the two guns; I've fired an SLP in competition before and loved it. I'm basically wondering it it's worth adding VersaMax to consideration.

Your thoughts much appreciated.
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