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Care to elaborate?
Sure. You bring your firearm with threaded barrel and solvent trap to your favorite shooting spot. After firing corrosive ammo you like to immediately flush the bore. In your undue haste (it's rusting!) You negligently discharge a round through the filter. Dang, better get this gun home to flush the bore in an environmentally conscious manner. Not wanting to get solvent in your range bag, you toss the filter in the back of your truck and start driving home. Your tail light burns out and a local peace officer pulls you over. As he approaches your vehicle, he notes the NRA lifetime membership bumpersticker and happens to also notice the oil filter with an outward hole dead center. He knows exactly how that happened (he's seen the YouTube video). This gives him probable cause to search your vehicle upon which he discovers a firearm with a threaded barrel and an adapter to attach it to the oil filter. But officer, it was an accident you see... Yeah yeah, tell it to the judge. You tell it to the judge, but he is even less understanding than the officer. He informs you that he feels very strongly that evading taxes is not something he tolerates and to send a strong message to the community, he hands down a sentence of 10 years and 10,000 dollars. This happens to be only one tenth the cost that the law firm you hired charged for your defense. Your wife, now homeless, penniless and unable to support herself, meets a man named Hank who drives truck and promises to support her. In prison, your cellmate also happens to be named Hank, you ask if he ever drove truck, but he says no. Ah well, you think, can't have it all I guess. Hank kisses you goodnight and you dream of shooting your guns, which you'll NEVER be allowed to do EVER again.
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