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But yes if I had something like that happen, it's off duty until I can trust it again, or it's gone.

Acceptable for a range gun. Unacceptable for a defense gun.

I read all the other responses. I value them all.

Revolver guys, nice. I can't bring myself to a main carry being a revolver, more power to you!

I just had to change out from my SIG P226...I don't have a good holster for it in order to carry IWB @ 4:00. All I have are OWB holsters.

So I'm carrying the SIG 1911...I'm not fond of 1911's for carry but that's the next runner up with accuracy and such. Plus it's so darn thin compared to the Glock 21 which is right behind it.

Haven't shot the PPQ enough times in order to go with that one.

As for the Glock 19..It's my only Glock to ever really malfunction like that. I'm somewhat shocked. No, I'm not a fanboy. I was issued a Glock and always shot them though. For serious defense they've always been my #1. As an enthusiast, they're far from my #1. If that makes sense to you all. I'm sure it does. Just can't put the words together well enough.

So I'll see whats happening with this sucker. Put 300rds through it afterwards and maybe it'll be my main CCW again.
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