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9mm + Tightgroup+Berrys = confusion

Kind of a newbe could use some help. I have been reloading for my Makarov for years. Monkey see monkey do education, never a problem in about 5000 rounds with a Lee aniversary set. Now have a P89 Ruger and working on reloading it. I ended up picking up Tightgroup for powder and Berrys 124 gr HBFP jacketed bullets. There seems to be limited published data for Berrys but alot of people using them. Seen loads from 3.5 to 4.8,and confused about pressures with the hollow base and OAL. Started by checking headspace at the max OAL 1.169 they fit in but dont like to feed up the clip, dropped back to 1.155 for my 1st test rounds. Pulled my dummie bullet and appears I have my seating die set right, light line where the case pressed in but not cut into the plating.
4 rounds with 3.6 Gr shot well, cases landed about 1 ft away. Next 4 with 3.8 Gr and had a sharp report,larger grouping and cases landed 2.5-3 ft away. Winchester factory rounds are landing 9-10 ft away. recoil for all 3 feel the same. Now pondering my next step, increase my load or drop my OAL?
I'm just paper target shooting for fun.
Thanks for any input, have already learned a ton and just scratched the surface.
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