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Getting back to the OP

It was simply a private conversation.
This person is a great shooter, he hangs out with Mas, he teaches pistol shooting and sells guns to the public. Oh. I'm sorry. I missed the part about the private conversation and posting on a very public TFL. Sillly me. For those still wondering what the definition of what, 'is', is, let me assure you that, while I've never been acused of being, The Sharpest Knife in the Draw, I do know the definition of the word, 'all'.

Now let me tell you what kind of caliber snob I am:
Last night a young women working at a jewlrey store about 2 miles away put the run on two armed robbers whom drew and started firing at her first. The Local PD is asking the public to keep an eye out for one or two young men whom are in need of medical treatment for recent Shopping Mall gunshot wounds. Now, whatever caliber she was using solved the problem(s). So I'll have the same caliber she used, if you please.
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