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Warbirdlover I see a big buck in your future. How do I know. >There a full moon out tonight._

I wish you the best of luck on your up coming B/P hunt. As I'll be doing the same starting tomorrow evening. (Wed) Anxious to hit the road for that 254 mile drive up again in the early Am.
Just to offer some clarity I do own 160 acres that my son and I hunt on. The problem your having. I have in reverse Sir. A party 8-10 hunters that lease 5-40s directly across the road from me. They've been leasing the same land from a timber company for the past 8-10 years. Those fellows start their deer enhancement program in Sept. And heavily do so till rifle season is over with. As the main guy of their party lives not more that 1/2 hour away from their lease. And from what I've been told, goes to his Camp every third day to check those little boxes in front of 12-box stands darn near all Fall. Sept thru Nov.
Those guys did very well this year again as usual at the end of rifle season. The best part about this whole ordeal from year to year are two things.

1st. During B/P season those across the road they don't hunt then. Can't handle exposure to the cold I guess. That's to bad_ So anything that comes my way is indeed fair chase.
The 2nd thing. This year for the very first time their leased land has been up For Sale since late summer. Hasn't sold yet. But that aspect can change quick. So with all their monkey business going on for years. "Patience has its rewards." (sold some day)

I don't grain and probably never will. Just a plain old un-cut hay field to watch over for me. Honestly I'm just happy to sit and watch my surrounding scenic view of some beautiful snow covered country this time of year. So beautiful, that it makes one feel insignificant. Perhaps warbirdlover you will benefit in the same way as I have. Harvesting a Deer is just bonus then.
Again, Good luck with your up coming B/P hunt. Stay safe.

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