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I'm afraid you do have to worry about it, whether you own an actual firearm or not.

The short version is the BATF gets to determine what constitutes a silencer, and the way the way it's written now just about anything can be crammed into that category.

Removed from the barrel it was a piece of PVC pipe, two rubber o-rings, two delrin disks that pressed around the barrel, and a piece of furnace filter foam. Keep in mind the barrel itself was drilled full of holes and was itself an integral part of this system and when everything else was removed they were just a handful of plastic and rubber. The purpose of this stuff was to absorb the CO2 cloud when CO2 was the dominant power source before compressed air took off.
There's a WORLD of difference in making muzzle attachments (be it for airguns or firearms) and merely owning an oil filter, a two liter bottle or a lawnmower muffler.
In essence if you have a two liter bottle of coke, a box of tissue, and a roll of duct tape in the same location as a firearm the BATF could make a case that you had intent to make a silencer.
That's stretching, but even if we accept that as fact, there's a simple solution. Don't save 2 liter bottles and store them along with duct tape with your firearms. Really, all you need to avoid is actually attaching them to a firearm.
And if you have a negligent discharge while using your solvent trap, you can easily have your gun rights removed, since you will be a felon under the law.
NOW we're getting closer to reality.

YES. If you put an attachment on your gun that can reduce the noise of the discharge, if you buy an attachment for your gun that is, in every respect minus a hole on the front, a silencer and then attach it to your gun and shoot a hole in it so it can actually be used as a silencer, then you are definitely in a lot of trouble if you get caught.

It bears repeating that this is WORLDS different than merely owning an oil filter.
Did you know that there is a TEXAS State Rifle Association?
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