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Low Velocity .223 Loads

Howdy guys,

I am looking for a .223 load that gives me velocities about 1800-2200 fps with a 55 grain bullet. All the load data I have found is either way too fast (3000 fps+) or extremely slow (titegroup loads @ 1100fps). I did find some load data with Bluedot that would meet my needs but all the data supplied was from online reloaders and I would prefer to use data from the powder companies.

The main reason why I want this load is because I want a .22 WMR/.22 Hornet out of .223 without me having to buy a gun chambered in either of those cartridges. Another reason is that I want something more powerful than my .22LR but not overkill for rabbits and grouse.

Thanks for the advice.
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