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Barrel so hot you cant see through the scope isnt hard on a summer day. People do it by accident with bolt guns. It's called mirage.

You may not have damaged it but to me if you are just shooting at the range for fun then getting the barrel that hot is stupid. What did you accomplish? Were you doing it to see what kind of 30 round FA groups you could hold? Were you just dumping ammo into a berm for the sake of wasting money? I mean its your gun and you are free to do with it what you want within the law but it's not what I would do.

Sounds to me like you just put un-neccessary stress and shortened the life of your barrel for nothing. If the barrel was so hot you couldn't touch it chances are the metal was softer than usual which means the barrel would have worn more with each bullet than is normal. Extremely minimally, and maybe not even noticeably depending on this gun's use (guessing it's not exactly a target gun).

Maybe no real measurable damage, but certainly didn't do it any good.

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