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I got spooked when my EDC had a hiccup

My normal carry is a walther PPS. I've got a couple of them now actually but the first one I bought had a malfunction at the range after a couple months of carry and occasional range practice. I was able to reproduce the problem at home dry firing and it was a BIGGIE, flawed trigger bar that had to be replaced. It rattled my confidence in the gun for many hundreds of rounds.

If in a normal range session I get the very rare malfunction but cannot reproduce it with any of my mags and my carry ammo I just have to let it go. It's a mechanical device and a failure rate of less then .1% is within my tolerance.

I used to be maniacal about cleaning my guns after any shooting but now with my carry guns I actually choose to not clean them after a light practice because I know the condition of the gun and the fact that it's working in that state. After I take it apart and lube it I no longer "know" that it is in the same condition and haven't fired in that state so I think I'm better off with that slight amount of fouling but the peace of mind that the last time I pulled the trigger it went bang and I haven't changed anything since.
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