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I think you guys have turned my thoughts about the bushing...and the welding. Even though i have read several posts about both, i do still feel a lil uneasy about either methods...Like you, ill not say it cant be done, but the question is...Is my face/fingers worth it...I knew you guys could talk me out of it! Damn fine On another forum a fguy posted a pic of a 6.5x55 chambered barrel threaded to fit the 03...from his pic, it looks as if they merely cut off the existing shank and rethreaded and rechambered...I was concerned about the amount of metal around the case on my F34 contour..This thing has a pencil lightweight barrel... ill deff. not be welding or using a bushing. I will not be using the cone feed on my barrel replacement. It will be a flat faced mauser style setup...Now deleting the cone will not make me hesitant at all,,As an article i found stated, it was merely to help aid in single shots, and to possibly get away from mauser patents...Unless proven otherwise i see absolutely no reason it wouldnt be safe without it.
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