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Racking the slide on the LCP was very difficult for me. I don't feel confident I could reload it under stress with sweaty hands, etc. The manual slide lock was also a pain (literally) to use. I somehow gashed my palm open between the slide and chamber one day while fumbling with it at the range!

The Hornady CD's, Speer Gold Dots and PMC Bronze ammo I fired with it all performed flawlessly, but a box of 95gr Federal FMJ I tried once jammed on nearly every 7 rounds fired. Plus, they kicked so hard the little gun almost flew out of my hand. So be careful what you feed it.

All this led me to make the decision that this was not the CCW gun for me, so I sold it and bought a Ruger 10/22 on sale with the money instead.

Anybody looking to buy a barely used extra LCP mag and DeSantis Pocket holster with original packaging?
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